Black History Month 2019: Our Data

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‘We continue to evolve our language around race and ethnicity, and in May 2020, we made the decision to no longer use the acronym BAME.’

It has been one year since Sound and Music first published data around the ethnicity of those applying to our programmes.

During the period since this publication we have made some initial changes to the application processes to our Artist Development Programme – to the criteria we use, and the questions we ask. We hoped this would lead to greater diversity in who applies to and is selected for our programmes, in terms of Black, BAME composers and more widely.

However, the data we see below shows us that these changes are not enough. If we are to make progress in making our opportunities more inclusive we need to think, and act, far more radically. Over the next few months we will be shaping a new strategy to address this need, in consultation with a broad range of external advisors.

This work continues to be a part of our long-term commitments as outlined in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

You can download this infographic as a pdf. Please let us know if you’d like the data in another format.

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