Sound and Music receive Arts Council England NPO funding for 2023-26

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Sound and Music are grateful to be continuing as an Arts Council England (ACE) National Portfolio Organisation into 2023-2026. Our ongoing funding will enable us to continue to provide support and opportunities for creators of new music. 

The reduction in our NPO grant will be challenging but we will continue to put the voices and music of composers, music creators and young people at the heart of the decisions that lie ahead of us.

We warmly welcome all new entrants into the national portfolio, especially those who champion new music and the people who create it. We also know that this has been a very competitive process and that colleagues across the industry have received difficult news today. We send them solidarity.

We will be discussing the details of our NPO funding arrangement with ACE over the coming months and we will share further updates soon.    

As a national organisation, over the past 5 years we have:  

  • Supported 273 composers and 1,089 young people across the UK 
  • Engaged 7k creators through digital programmes 
  • Averaged 80k listeners annually, plus 60k followers  
  • Commissioned 148 digital works 
  • Built partnerships across 16 Levelling Up areas 

We remain committed to our vision: to create a world where new music and sound prospers, transforming lives, challenging expectations and celebrating the work of its creators. We believe our work is more important than ever and we will do whatever we can to sustain its impact on the creative life of this country.

If you have any questions about this news, please contact us directly at:

#NPOnews #LetsCreate #NewMusic

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