Submitting an opportunity

Before submitting an opportunity, please be aware these should align with our Fair Access Principles, a code of best practice for running successful, open and inclusive artist development programmes, competitions and awards for composers.

To adhere to the Fair Access Principles, opportunities should:

  • Be free to enter
  • Not use anonymised selection
  • Allow entry regardless of age, educational level or qualification
  • Have an open and transparent selection process

Read more about the Fair Access Principles and why are they are important.

If you would like to discuss this further, or to join us in committing to these principles, find out more about how to get involved by emailing Co-Head of Artist Development, Will Dutta at:

Looking for a collaborator?

If you are an individual or non-professional group looking for a composer to collaborate with, we understand it may be harder for your listing to adhere to our Fair Access Principles.

If this is the case, please tick the ‘Collaboration’ box when posting your opportunity, to ensure applicants are aware of this.

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