Sonia Killmann is a composer, performer and multimedia artist based in Glasgow. Sonia’s work explores the relationship between sound and environment in the context of live performance. As a saxophone player, Sonia has been delving deeper into practices of circular breathing and deep listening in both her compositions and solo audiovisual shows. More recent works include her Edinburgh Fringe Festival show Là-haut and Digital Skies, which Sonia was able to perform at Sonica Surge festival this year. Sonia has also been collaborating with dancers, theatre-makers and poets on an interdisciplinary level and is affiliated with Cryptic Glasgow as a Cryptic Artist. The composers passion for Collaborative processes also translates to various workshops and events that they have hosted with other artists as part of the Sound Thought collective.

In June 2021 Sonia received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

“Especially during COVID-19, I have felt more limited as a musician and needed means to expand my practice. With this grant I am now able to realise this ambition and cannot wait to start delving further into the world of sound and recording with the necessary equipment.”  

Sonia was shortlisted to represent the ISCM British Section at the World New Music Days Festival 2024, in the Faroe Islands.

Image: Sonia Killmann by Chris Scott


Them! There! Eyes? (Extract)