Sharon Gal is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, vocalist, free improviser and composer. Her work explores presence, listening, embodiment, and the relationship between people, sound and space.

She performs solo and in collaborations with David Toop, Steve Beresford, Phil Minton, Charles Hayward, Lina Lapelyte, Andie Brown and Blanca Regina.

She directs site specific, participatory group compositions: L’esprit D’escalier for Voices in a staircase, Toy Orchestra & Room to Breathe with children/adults, Long Drone for mixed ensembles, Gals with Guitars with female players, Sound Out for M/Any Voices and Feel the Noise for guitars & micro amps.

Her music is released by many labels, with two solo releases last year: Delicious Fish & The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Performances include: V&A, ICA, Whitechapel Gallery, Arnolfini Gallery, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, MACBA, and Colour Out of Space, Borealis, Supernormal festivals.

New Voices 2019

Sharon created Etudes as part of her time on New Voices 2019, a collection of scores and propositions, presented as a deck of 78 cards, with text on one side and colour on the other. A music, performance and art resource, the work acts as a catalyst to inspire and trigger the imagination. It’s an open score with interchangeable possibilities, to be played alone or with others. Etudes is an invitation to play, engage, contemplate and explore; to enhance and expand one’s experience, thinking, practice and performance. You can watch a short introduction to Etudes, below, and read more about them here.


Speak and Spells


Sharon Gal - Etudes [Audio Postcard 09/03/21]