Young girl with brown hair holding a clarinet, stood on rocks in the sea

Pernille is a young Norwegian/Irish composer who experiments with a variety of styles and genres, exploring the boundaries between music and sound. She plays the clarinet and the bass clarinet and draws upon her knowledge of these instruments as inspiration for her work, which includes music for clarinet and electronics, and solo bass clarinet.

Pernille is a Martin Read Foundation Awarded Young Composer for both 2019 and 2020 and has been commissioned to write music for a flute and vibraphone duet and solo untuned percussion. She has also received commissions for music to accompany a short video taken by a drone and introductory music for a virtual assembly. More recently she has completed her first orchestral work which depicts the Skerries Mills set against the dramatic coastline of Ireland.

Her Summer School composition Responsibility [inset] embodies the feel of classic swing, with a laid-back melody and a confident refrain. The refrains are interspersed with improvised solos from the double bass and trumpet, bringing a relaxed and spacious feel to the structure.

Pernille attended our Summer School for Young Composers

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Composed at the Sound and Music Summer School