Otto playing bass under spotlight

Otto Willberg is a musician and double bass player involved in improvisation and other exploratory music. Otto is interested in those grey and unclear spots that hide beneath clear categorisation but involving different modes of both listening and performing, and continuously letting things shift and resist.

Otto is also interested in how small communities can function together to create micro-climates of culture and organisation, and exploring these models in musical and other ways. In 2017 Otto toured Japan with Sam Andreae, David Birchall and Mio Ebisu, which included a performance with Toshimaru Nakamura. In 2018, HTrio (Willberg/Mark Hanslip and Andrew Cheetham) toured the UK with trumpeter Nate Wooley. Other musicians Otto has recently worked with include Alex Ward, Hannah Marshall, Ashley Paul and Cath Roberts.

New Voices 2019

As part of New Voices 2019, Otto created the site Bootleg Spatial Recall, a public sourced archive, and tool for listening closely to the parts of our environment that get ignored and forgotten. Alongside this he created a record called Barbaric Mystical Bored, inspired by his interest in exploring outside spaces and the twisting of fates. Listen to Barbaric Mystical Bored, here.

Otto wrote for the British Music Collection about his New Voices 2019 projects, you can read his article here.



Bathers through Greta


Otto Willberg - Hoo Tower [Audio Postcard 25/01/21]