Nikki Sheth is a sound artist currently based in Birmingham, UK. She uses field recordings to produce site-specific soundscape works. Her practice involves extensive field recording trips, multi-channel soundscape composition, working with ambisonics, working collaboratively to produce multimedia installations and augmented reality soundwalks. She has been on field recording residencies around the world including in Finland, South Africa, France and the UK. Nikki has been commissioned for sound works for Artefact Gallery, Ten Acres of Sound, Return to Nature Festival and The Barber Institute of Fine Arts and her installation and sound works have been presented internationally. She has been teaching Studio Composition at The University of Birmingham since 2017 and in 2020 she joined Birmingham based sound collective SOUNDkitchen.

In November 2022 Nikki was a recipient of a Sound and Music Seed Award – read a Q+A with Nikki here.


Nikki Sheth - Windmills of Lapua (excerpt)
Nikki Sheth - Orford Ness II (excerpt)
Nikki Sheth - Mmabolela (excerpt)