Narotam Horn is a British Indian composer from Watford. He began studying composition under Dai Fujikura at the Purcell School, where he was awarded in the highly commended category of BBC Young Composer of the Year. Narotam recently completed an MMUS degree in composition with distinction from Goldsmiths University, where he conducted ethnomusicological research into the devotional traditions of kirtan and bhajan, as a contemporary extension from keyboard influenced music. In July 2020, Narotam was selected to perform for the ACT4Music festival alongside Abel Selaocoe and Alice Zawadski. Other recent online events include PureGold Lockdown Live, South Asia Solidarity Group Fundraiser and River Recital Presents.  

In January 2021 Narotam received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

This award has perfectly set me up to streamline and deliver projects from home. By purchasing a pair of condenser microphones I have been able to finalise my home studio, equipping me for covid-compatible professional life! Thank you Sound and Music!”

Full Masti (clip)