MAY CHI is a Hong Kong-born songwriter, composer and visual artist based in Birmingham. A defier of genre boundaries, her songwriting blends Alternative Rock, Indie Folk and Ambient elements to create ethereal and rustic soundscapes. Her introspective penmanship evokes the feelings of nostalgic yearning and catharsis in her lyricism. MAY CHI’s songs have been featured on platforms including BBC Introducing and AmazingRadio. She has also performed at events such as RBC’s International Women’s Day Festival in 2020 and Leon Trimble’s 2021 Stryx Gallery Residency.

In July 2021 MAY CHI received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

“I’m endlessly grateful to have Sound and Music supporting my creative endeavours. Personally, I view collaboration to be an integral aspect of bringing life to my art. However, the last year really limited my ability to meet new creatives and find the means to properly compensate musicians whilst paid work was scarce. My award will be going entirely to the performers and artists I will be working with on the production of my debut album Suspension. I’m so excited to see the direction they will take my work in!”


Under My Skin (excerpt)