Max Gibson is a British-Irish composer, performer, poet, and improviser. His compositions include works for instruments, voices, electronic and electroacoustic mediums, sonic art, and theatre music, and he has had works performed in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, the USA, and across the UK. His poems have been presented in Belgium, and the USA. 

His most recent work focuses on aspects of expanded time, the phenomenology of listening and viewing, and an engagement with re-configuring the space of performance and listening through multimodal approaches to composition. In 2020 he completed an M.A. at Wesleyan University, in the USA.  

In July 2021 Max received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

I am so thrilled and honoured to be a recipient of the COVID-19 Composer Award. The pandemic has caused myriad forms of isolation, making collaboration extremely difficult. Receiving the award breaks down all the barriers of pandemic isolation so that I can now focus my attention on collaborating with friend and violinist Christine Cornwell, to create a new work through an exciting and extended process of exploring, experimenting, recording, and processing.”


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