matthew herbert is an award winning and prolific composer, producer and artist. he has created work for a huge range of forms, from olympic opening ceremonies, to oscar-winning films, dj sets and installations. he has remixed over 350 artists from quincy jones, to bjork and reimagined mahler, beethoven and britten for some of europe’s most respected classical music institutions and record labels. his own work is built on the conscious repurposing of so-called real sound and he has worked with sounds as diverse as a farmed pig’s life, a bomb exploding in libya, an orgasm, a sewer and a horse skeleton. he has a phd in composition and is director of the new BBC radiophonic workshop.

In March 2023, Matthew was selected for the ISCM British Section’s shortlist of composers submitted to the ISCM World New Music Days Festival in South Africa. Find out more here.

The truck that follows the horses