Oxford hailing composer, shortlisted for NCEM’s Young Composer Award, Lux Knightley scores original music for films and musical theatre. Most recently completing his score to the upcoming feature film Upon The Edge by DeCantillon Films and also his original musical, Domitius, which debuted in Central London last summer. This follows the lesser known true story of infamous emperor Nero and his aspirations of being a musical performer. In the winter of 2021 Lux co-founded his new musical theatre company McCormick & Knightley to continue writing original musicals and help champion diversity both on and off-stage within the industry. 

In April 2022 Lux received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards: 

“I am indeed eternally grateful to the team at Sound and Music for this gracious support of my career. Opportunities such as this are few and far between, but make a tremendous difference to fledgling composers such as myself. I look forward to being able to take further steps to refine my craft.”

What Will Become Of Me - Domitius (Extract)