Louis Sterling, also known as Auxx, is a British recording artist currently signed to David August’s 99Chants label. Raised in Bath, Somerset (UK), Louis first began as a descant at the cathedral, absorbing the ambient melodies of the city, until it eventually made its way into the foundation of his craft. It was only at 16 years old where Sterling’s personal sketches would eventually make their way onto the BBC, receiving airtime on BBC Introducing and Mary-Anne Hobbs’ 6 music recommends show.He has often drawn influence from his mixed heritage, leaning towards the knocks of the sound-system and UK club culture, howoever it has not deterred him from cultivating a plethora of emotionally driven LP’s, from the off-kilter Harmonics Contrast LP (2015), to the commercially driven 23/09 on North American label URBNET back in 2017. However, in the light of his recent work, Louis has adopted an artistry that unveils emotional complexity – expressing a heavy hand of experiences, whilst deconstructing the barriers between electronic music and contemporary art on his 2019 L.P. Adisceda.