Lottie Sadd (she/her) is a Leeds-based interdisciplinary composer and artist creating immersive performances and installations. Informed by ideas of ritual and traditional Eastern aesthetics, her practice centres on ideas of ‘Process’. She’s particularly interested in highlighting the art and power inherent within the processes of creation themselves. Through themes of ‘Becoming’ and ‘Interconnectedness’ – via forms of improvisation, field-recordings, and text – her work invites audiences to step outside the traditional object-centric experience and into these dynamic processes.

In 2020, Lottie was selected for Yorkshire Sound Women Network’s ‘Sound Pioneers’, and is currently devising a large-scale multichannel electronic work for Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2021.

In January 2021 Lottie received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

“Being selected for a COVID-19 Composer Award is incredibly exciting. With the grant, I’m being afforded the opportunity to learn and develop a new and promising aspect of my artistic practice. It can be a big undertaking to begin something like this afresh, so with the support of Sound and Music I feel really confident in being able to do this and to subsequently take these experiences forward into shaping my future work.”

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