Lisa Busby is a Scottish composer, vocalist and improvisor based in London. Situated across experimental music, performance art, and pop culture, her practice often explores processes of making, and “availablism” and lo-fi intermediality, and sound in/of movement.

Materially she is interested in fragments, fringes and collisions of song and noise; artefacts of pop and fan culture; entanglements with historical archives; experimental turntablism and expanded usage of playback, samples and loops; and everyday action as/in performative gesture.

Her work often manifests in sounding performance and performance video; explorations of everyday objects and found musical texts; non-standard scoring and notation approaches; “anti-production” techniques for electronics; and open improvisation for sound and body. She performs and composes with bands NFDJs and Rutger Hauser; has a long-standing sound and movement collaboration, ’Floor Scores’, with Gabriel Bohm Calles; and is a member of the art, education, and politics collective Common Study, at Somerset House Studios.

Lisa is one of Sound and Music’s 2019 New Voices composers.