Johnny Campbell is a multidisciplinary Folk musician based in Yorkshire. His main focus is promoting the radical history of Northern English working class struggles and celebrations in original and traditional song. Johnny’s releases are diverse, from original studio albums to traditional folk song field recordings, or his last album, a live album recorded on The Faroe Islands. From touring the UK and Europe extensively, his focus of inspiration remains firmly in the North, as his latest release, a collaborative single with a Yorkshire brass band ensemble testifies.  

 In April 2022 Johnny received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards:

“I’m very happy to receive the Covid-19 Composer Awards, especially after not being able to work on my music in the same way I was prior to the pandemic. The award will give me stability and opportunity to build on what I have done before and confidence to pursue my career post-pandemic.”  



Winter Hill (Extract)