Brazilian-born Jefferson Lobo is a musician, composer and producer living in Cardiff. He has been focusing on futuristic, nature-inspired jazz-funk grooves and is currently releasing new music regularly from his catalogue. 

Jefferson’s compositions are an invitation to a world of unpredictable sonic possibilities. Hauntingly sweet harmonies combined with soothing and (at times) witty melodies form the basis for his musical cauldron, which includes styles such as jazz, orchestral, Latin, reggae, futuristic, and world music. 

He has worked with the theatre company August 012 and with BBC Radio and has written, scored, and arranged music for Butetown Carnival( in Cardiff) 2020 and 2021, a particular highlight being his transatlantic piece” Zamba”, commissioned by Butetown Arts & Culture Association. 

He is currently working with Ty Cerdd, Music Theatre Wales, Sub -Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) , Butetwon Arts and Culture Association (BACA). 

 In April 2022 Jefferson received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards:

What an honour to have been selected for this award. This grant will not help me hone my compositional skills but also support me financially while I am working on them, which is essential at this stage of my musical career.”

Awakening [Overture] (Extract)