British-Malaysian Artist & Composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman brings together the contemporary classical, electronics and sound art worlds to create powerful soundscapes and musical identities. A constant collaborator across various art forms including dance, word, film and VR, her music often explores otherness, memory and plays with a sense of narrative.

A driving force behind where and how her work is experienced, Jasmin creates bold new platforms for her music including visual artwork, site-specific installations and multidisciplinary festival productions. As Artist & Producer, she often experiments with unique set-ups such as audiowalks, interactive installations, underground nights, moving image, 360° film and more.


Air (JK Rodgman feat. Beibei Wang & Daniel Kemshell)
Phoenix (JK Rodgman feat. Daniel Kemshell)


Lake of Longing (JK Rodgman feat. Wang Lianlian)