Jacob Samuel is a working-class artist from the North-West of England who works with sound and text. They have shown work on BBC, Cafe Oto, and School in Vienna, developing into their piece, New Americas (Blank Editions, 2022). A former Somerset House resident, they are currently one half of the theatre company ILLYR SAMUEL, alongside illyr (Sound and Music New Voices 2021), who will be presenting their first stage piece TOM, at Britten Pears in May 2022.


In April 2022 Jacob received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards: 

“I’m hugely grateful to be a recipient of the Covid-19 Composer Award. I appreciate all the efforts people are putting in to provide assistance during this period as each action of support goes a long way to make things seem less precarious”


Untitled (Extract)