My name is Isaac Roach, I’m a composer and a producer based in Leeds. When Covid struck I chose to take what I knew of playing in and recording punk bands and applied it to creating atmospheric scores. My musical style when composing is heavily influenced by electro acoustic and acousmatic music and often verges on the completely atonal. My dream is simply to make weird sounds for a living and to be recognised for my skill in that, my music is often designed to go unnoticed and stay in the background but with the way I write sometimes I cannot help but stand out. 

 In April 2022 Isaac received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards:

“I am incredibly grateful to be selected for this grant. It will allow me to buy equipment and pay for good quality musicians but more importantly knowing that money is coming in gives me some piece of mind and time to hone my craft. Money and time to grow as an artist is an invaluable privilege and the best gift you can give an artist.”

Untitled (Extract)