HforSpirit conducts a catharsis in sound, breathing life into traditional practices. Their forthcoming film project UnTyMe documents a pagan-inspired rave escape to the Cumbrian mountains. H4S has scored music for Rambert Dance, London Design Festival and the Dalai Lama Institute. Recent releases include: The Rebirth (mixtape) – “a brilliant reminder of the possibilities inherent to the format” (Electronic Beats), Varg²™ Norrskensflamman (Northern Electronics) and Spivak Μετά Το Ρέιβ (Ecstatic Recordings). 

In January 2021 HforSpirit received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

“These funds are super important. The COVID-19 Composer Award helped finalise the UnTyMe film for release later this year.”

everybody witches (clip)