Harriet Grainger is a British composer with a background in dance and as a cellist and pianist. Her music suggests something unquiet within its stillness, “bringing landscapes to life, creating a quiet moment of observation for the listener which stirs the soul” (Royal College of Music, London).

Harriet composes for the concert hall, theatre, dance, film, and documentaries, often using field-recordings from her own travels across the world. The use of wide or resonant spaces plays a fundamental architectural role in her creative process; she is heavily influenced by desolate landscapes such as glaciers, deserts, and the deep ocean.

In April 2022 Harriet received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards:

“Thank you so much for this Covid-19 award — I am incredibly grateful for your support. This grant will truly support my work as a composer; allowing me to purchase software that will help me with some really exciting international projects and cross-disciplinary collaborations scheduled over the next few years. I cannot say thank you enough!”

Glasslines (Extract)