Flora Yin-Wong works with field recordings, dissonance, and influences from contemporary club culture. Her debut releases were via PTP and PAN, experimenting with digital software and processing, densely layering original samples – instruments like yangqin, gamelan reongs, and tsurigane bells – with granular synthesis and electronic production. Besides contributions for labels Objects Ltd and Circadian Rhythms, she has remixed J Colleran, Scintii, Mun Sing, Celyn June (Halcyon Veil), on Because, Angoisse, and Danse Noire. She has performed live at New York’s ISSUE Project Room, Somerset House, Volksbühne Theatre Berlin, and Cafe OTO, and DJed at Berghain, 3HD and Hyperreality, and across Europe, East Asia, Australia, and guested on NTS, Know Wave, Boiler Room, and BCR etc. She is currently working on an audio commission for Somerset House Studios formed around years of field recordings in collaboration with visual artist Go Watanabe.

In January 2021 Flora received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

I’m so grateful as 2020 was one of the hardest years for us all mentally and psychologically – every grant like this makes such a difference considering the loss of income from cancelled tours and gigs this year. Support is so limited from the government but hoping that things will take a turn soon.”