Founder of That is Class, Ellese Elliott (MADA), is an avid campaigner against classism in the UK, and single working class home-educating mother of two boys. Both her musical and illustrative arts focus on social inequality and other discriminatory forms. 

She has started a petition to make class a protected characteristic on the Equality Act which can be found here

Due to the nature of her work, some has been banned from YouTube and Facebook, for example after she launched a music video concerning breastfeeding.  

In April 2022 Ellese received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards:

“I am very happy to receive the grant and I see it as a positive step towards undoing the classism that has persisted in the arts sector, where there has been no golden era for social mobility. I am glad Sound and Music are practicing what they preach. The kids were also happy and said “We are rich!”