David John Roche has composed pieces for vacuum cleaners and orchestra, epic planetarium shows, customised Dutch street organs, rock bands, video games, films, theatre shows, international orchestras, and anything beyond and in between. His music tends to inhabit one of two worlds. It is either celebratory and bright, consciously in opposition to the world in which it was written, or manic, detailed, and violent in response to the poverty and politics of our time. Roche’s compositions have been broadcast, televised, written about, and performed internationally to millions of people. He is the recipient of over 30 academic and professional awards.  

In January 2021 David received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

Working with more streamlined software is going to allow me to spend less time at the computer, reducing physical strain and screen time – both of which are making my work more difficult and damaging. I am extremely grateful for this grant and I will put it to immediate, long-term use in my composition, in my editing work, and in numerous other projects. It is going to help me sustain and grow my practice.”


Tremolo Study 4