Darren Adcock, Manchester, 07/11/1980, is an artist, self-taught in electronics and mechanics.

“Continuum Attic” is an ongoing experiment in making, synthesisers, motorised sculptures and multiple sensors all talk to each other to see self-generation both work and fail, also how I can interrupt separate sound paths and make the intrusions central to its form.  Continuum attic is an analogue synthesiser I have designed which translates and incoming waveform and turns it into a modulated pulse wave which drives each contraption. I couldn’t find a system that could do this when I started the project four years ago. The novelty of speaking into a synth which then controls motors still gets me all kinds giddy.

In June 2021 Darren received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

“At the time of applying for this fund I’d had all of my benefits stopped, I was having to cancel potential dates for residencies and exhibitions as I couldn’t now afford to make the power system. The fund has allowed me to pay an electrical engineer to design and take me through a power supply build in a safe way. So understandably this is a pivotal moment in my build so I can start seeing how it might all work together which will allow me to begin the compositional phase of the project.” 

Continuum Attic (Extract)