Craig Scott (b.1987, Aberdeen,Scotland) creates sound works for human and non-human performers. Using handmade analogue hardware, robotics and modified obsolete audio technology exploring the disquieting tension that exists between human and machine made music. 

This takes form across three streams:  

  • Animating instruments and domestic objects in the absence of/in collaboration with improvising human performers;  
  • Exploiting malfunction as function, harnessing the inherent instability of obsolete audio technologies through the precision digital control affords;  
  • Acousmatic music in which live instrumental recordings are dissected, transformed and blended with synthetic sources and field recordings, blurring perceptions of the organic/artificial. 


In January 2021 Craig received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

“I am delighted to be awarded this grant as it will allow me to invest dedicated time to complete the recording and  post production of my new album featuring my computer controlled Acoustic instruments. Enabling me to document and present my newest work professionally.”