Caterina McEvoy is an interdisciplinary composer/sound artist/musician based in Yorkshire working in electroacoustic music/composition & sound art. Her work focuses on environmental field recordings (EFR), soundscape composition for performances, & gallery installations and her collaboration with other artists, musicians, and dancers has led to her recent involvement as a percussionist, and flamenco guitarist working with dance company Slanjayvah Danza. She has performed extensively throughout the UK, at festivals incl. Edinburgh Fringe festival, and BBC Radio Leeds. Compositions have been aired on The Lake Radio, Denmark, and sound art installation work has been exhibited in Venice at the art gallery THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, at Palazzo Ca’Zanardi and at Misericordia Archives. Other performances include Stems who mix classical and cinematic art rock and works with both silent film / visuals.

In January 2021 Caterina received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

This funding will further my creative practice as a sound artist to explore & test new methods of working with Environmental Field Recordings & new technology to enhance future outputs of the sound art installations & video art I create.”