AGAMA is the music project and alter ego of London-based Brummy-born singer, composer and producer Cassandra Gurling. Her sound is a rare mix of classic yet contemporary musical styles in which AGAMA’s raw, soulful and operatic voice sits within jazzy, electronic instrumentation. The result is a collection of emotionally charged, genre-bending poetic pop songs.

This creative fusion of music is a reflection of Cassandra’s British-Jamaican upbringing in early 2000s Birmingham. A classically trained vocalist and choir director, her formative musical years were also spent in the church choir, raving to dance music and playing in bands. This musical breadth is matched by the insightful lyricism she brings via her Literature and Philosophy degree.

First and foremost a writer, AGAMA is the vehicle through which Cassandra experiments and hones her skills within composition, band leading and production.

Cassandra Gurling is a participant on the New Voices programme

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