Caroline McGlone is a Singer-Songwriter / composer performing as Scarlett Shocks. Writing folk, pop and acoustic soul with soaring top-line, memorable poetic lyric and catchy hooks, recently she’s focused on composing for theatre and synch.

A passionate performer who plays with visuals she has performed at Glastonbury, boutique festivals, major U.K venues, and Berlin, America and Spain. Spending time in Nashville, the Blue Ridge, the Alpujarras Southern Spain and U.K she loves story, people and natural world; calling people to protect community and nature.

She exhibits as an artist based between Stroud and Bristol U.K. A multi-instrumentalist, she’s praised for her guitar skill, versatility and exceptional vocal. Creating soundscapes & exhibiting sound installation in gallery she makes synth compositions and is working towards release. 

In April 2022 Caroline received one of Sound and Music’s Covid-19 Composer Awards:

“I feel excited to have received this composer award, it feels amazing to have been given recognition and opportunity after much dedicated work on my music. Over the last few years, I went through a lot of trauma and had to come to terms with hidden disabilities and realised I’m neurodivergent – a different thinker! Getting a footing in my career after these changes has felt impossible at times. Recently the breaks have started arriving – this grant will help me with needed studio time and collaborative guitar work and enable me to bring the many compositions I have created to life and be able to share them with others. I’ve begun performing again and strong career foundations are being rebuilt better and I have so many concepts and compositions to share.”

Puppets, Dolls and Clowns (Extract)