Bill is composer and artistic director for Flux:Intermedia and [UNIT], two experimental collaborative performance projects combining artforms from live visuals to contemporary dance, performance writing and music. He is co-producer and composer for After The Blitz, an in-development piece of experimental gig/musical theatre, inspired by 1980s electropop/the New Romantic movement. 

Bill also composes fixed-media electroacoustic work for contemporary dance and produces and hosts a monthly radio show of Fluxus music for CAMP Radio, based in the French Pyrenees, entitled ‘In:Flux. 

He is currently composing a commissioned work for the 2021 edition of the Norwich and Norfolk Festival. 

In January 2021 Bill received one of Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards:

Being selected as a recipient for a Sound and Music COVID-19 Composer Award was a fantastic way to end a very difficult year, and I am more grateful than I can say for the faith and support that Sound and Music have put in me with this selection. The award has given a boost to my confidence in the work I am currently making, with my practice having been necessarily modified and reframed throughout the COVID-19 crisis. I will be using it to purchase essential recording equipment that will not just allow me to continue my practice, but will enable me to make work of higher quality and explore new sonic landscapes with greater ease.”


Bill Vine - Drifts (Extract)