Photograph of Alice Boyd against a backdrop of tropical plants, taken at the Eden Project

Alice Boyd is a London and Bristol based composer, theatre maker and environmental campaigner. Her work uses the voice, everyday sounds and electronic textures to tell stories about the world around us.

During her time on New Voices 2020, Alice also applied for and received a DYCP grant to support her with building Arduino devices to tap into bioelectric signals from plants in order to generate material for composing and producing music. She secured an artist residency at The Eden Project where she spent a week in August 2021 capturing data from plants in the Rainforest biome which formed the basis of her new work.

In January 2022, Alice was selected to perform new compositions for voice and electronics using the data she collected during her residency, as part of a state-of-the-art 360 audio and video livestream, part of a digital project called “Rainforest Reconnect”, produced as part of the Eden Universe, a testbed supported by DCMS to explore how 5G technologies can enhance the Eden Project customer experience digitally.

Read more about Rainforest Reconnect and listen to examples.

Alice also received the Dimensions Award project grant which included an additional grant and mentoring support to deliver a digital dimensions to her New Voices project. As part of the Dimensions Award, Alice worked with a developer and created the Isle of Arden, an interactive website using sonified plant data to explore the balance of an ecosystem through sound, which Alice is hoping to bring to educational contexts in the future.

In early 2023, Alice will be releasing her debut EP From The Understory with music created as part of New Voices, with support from PRS Women Make Music. Sign up to her mailing list to be the first to hear about the EP.

Alice Boyd is a participant on the New Voices programme

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From The Understory (Extracts)
Snippets from Alice Boyd's new EP