Producer's Toolkit




1. Managing a Project

1.1 Setting up and Planning

1.2 Running the Project

1.2.2 Event Preparation

1.2.2 The Big Day!

1.3 Completing the Project

2. Finance, Budgeting and Fundraising

2.1 Creating and keeping control of a budget

2.2 Fundraising

3. Marketing and PR

3.1 Approaching Press

3.2  Measuring Success

What is the Producer’s Toolkit?

The Producer's toolkit is a resource that we are developing alongside our community. It contains information and advice on how to set up and see through projects, such as concerts and tours, successfully. It is primarily aimed at composers or performers, who would like to try their hand at producing, and at emerging independent producers. It was initally written by Julia Haferkorn, and will be adding to it over time.

We would like to involve our community throughout this process. We are presently sourcing images to accompany each page; if you wish to make a submission, simply tweet your image @soundandmusic with the hashtag #wearenewmusic 

About the Author

Julia Haferkorn is Producer and Co-Director at Third Ear Music. She has been working in the contemporary music sector for the past 20 years, starting off at Peters Edition, where she promoted the music of Cage, Kagel and Ferneyhough. In 1998, Julia founded the artist agency Haferkorn Associates. Since then she has worked with a range of new music artists, including the Arditti Quartet, Apartment House, Loré Lixenberg and Ian Pace, and has set up concerts and tours all over Britain and world-wide. She was Project Manager for the Sound Circuit consortium of promoters and carried out the Arts Council England funded research project Mapping Contemporary Music Activity in Great Britain. She is a visiting Music Business lecturer at Middlesex University and has written The Composer’s Toolkit and The Producer’s Toolkit for Sound and Music. In June this year, she was appointed co-Artistic Director of the British Composer Awards 2014. She studied at King’s College London, obtaining a BMus and an MMus in Music Theory and Analysis, while moonlighting as Producer for the BBC World Service.


Your Suggestions

If you don't find something that you'd like to see here or if you have a useful link or idea to contribute, please let us know and we'll work to have it included in the Toolkit. Your suggestions are important to us to continue to develop and maintain this as a resource.

Please send your suggestions and comments to:

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