Hi, I’m Daniel, a composer from the West Midlands. My first ventures into composition began simply as recording ideas I enjoyed while improvising at the piano and slowly expanding upon them. It wasn’t until I found the YouTube channel Orchestration Online that I discovered my love for orchestration and timbre as a form of expression in my music, which led me to Samuel Adler’s “The Study of Orchestration” and an unhealthy obsession with Ravel’s orchestral music, which led to my love of composing for expansive orchestral settings. My favourite composer, however, is Rachmaninoff, who has impacted my approach to melody and harmony, among other things, in my own works. His poignant melodies, pianistic textures, and bombastic symphonic climaxes have been a particular inspiration—characteristics of his piano concertos, which I particularly adore. These works inspired me to write a piano concerto movement of my own, drawing upon all I have learnt to date, from many different compositional strands, which has allowed me to produce a work of my own I can be proud of.