Belinda Dee is the current Director of Fundraising at Help Musicians UK. Prior to this, she served as Director of Development at Barts Charity, leading the major gifts team in the generation of income from philanthropists, City organisations and charitable trusts and foundations. She developed strategic partnerships across Barts Health, the largest NHS Trust in the country, identifying opportunities for innovation in healthcare for the benefit of a patient population of 6 million across North East London – Europe’s most diverse demographic, spanning the wealthy financial districts and some of the countries most deprived boroughs – and 15,000 hospital staff. Belinda has personally championed projects which harness the therapeutic benefit of art and music in the hospital environment, particularly in the paediatric and elderly wards; from carol singing for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, to lullaby sessions performed live on the neonatal intensive care wards.

Belinda’s previous experience includes business development, marketing and strategic brand planning, working in the marketing communications sector for agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi and CHI & Partners. She has a degree in Physiological Sciences from Oxford University. Since birth, Belinda has been surrounded by music; one of four siblings who between them play the viola, violin, cello, clarinet, piano, guitar and saxophone, not to mention Christmas carol sessions in four part harmony! Belinda has played in various orchestras and ensembles over the past 30 years, including the National Children’s Orchestra and, more recently, the Water City Orchestra in East London. She is delighted to be a member of the Sound and Music board, enabling her to flex her entrepreneurial and creative muscles whilst adding her strategic insights to evolve the development function.