New Voices and Contemporary Voices

New Voices and Contemporary Voices were composer support schemes created by the British Music Information Centre which provided print and distribution services for composers at both the beginning and middle of their careers, looking to fill the gap for composers looking to publish independently.

New Voices focused on young British composers with the aim of raising the profile for emerging talent that exists outside of the support of commercial publishers or record companies, while Contemporary Voices aimed to represent a more established generation of composers.

The list of composers who were part of the Voices schemes are listed below.  This scheme is no longer running, so if you wish to purchase any scores from these composers, please contact the composer directly via their own websites.  If they don’t have a website please email us so we can provide you with appropriate contact details.

Please note that the rights for these works are retained by the individual composers.

New Voices

Mathew Adkins
William Attwood

John Croft

Helen Grime

Alison Kay
Haris Kittos
Terry Mann
Phillip Neil Martin
Anna Meredith
Patrick Nunn
Tim Parkinson
Matthew Shlomowitz

Jeroen Speak
Jane Stanley
Jo Thomas
Markus Trunk
Paul Usher
Ian Vine

James Weeks
Michael Wolters
Raymond Yiu

Contemporary Voices

Joanna Bailie
Richard Baker

Mary Bellamy

Philip Cashian

John Cooney

Laurence Crane

Joe Cutler

Tansy Davies

Evelyn Ficarra

Graham Fitkin
Dai Fujikura
Michael Zev Gordon

Geoff Hannan

Bryn Harrison

Martyn Harry

Sam Hayden

Ed Hughes

Gabriel Jackson

Paul Newland

Joseph Phibbs

Alwynne Pritchard

Luke Stoneham

Andrew Toovey

Sohrab Uduman

John Webb

Paul Whitty