Bascule Chamber Concerts, 2019

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7 June 2019

We'd like to hear your ideas for composing a brand new 5-6 minute work for the contemporary music group Apartment House, who will be performing in the concerts as a string quartet. We would particularly like to showcase the work of female composers.

We’re interested in commissioning a chorale, perhaps looking back to the 19th century, transformed in some way for example compositionally or by electronics.

This new work should respond to the Bascule Chamber's acoustic, which is similar to that of a church. Apartment House will be slightly amplified for audibility, and it will be possible to include an optional tape part in the piece. You should score the piece for the full quartet of musicians: 2 violins, viola, cello.

If selected, your new composition will need to be submitted by Thursday 15 August.

The all inclusive commission fee is £1,200.

We'd like to know about your work, and what you would bring to these concerts through this opportunity. Send us a video or audio recording describing who you are, what music or poetry you've been making and performing, what your early ideas are for this call, and how they might work live, max 5 minutes. This could be as simple as a video recorded on your phone.

Please also send us a link to a video or audio recording of your work.

Please send this or any questions you may have to the Bascule Chamber Concerts team by Friday 7 June at basculechambers@gmail.com

The Bascule Chamber Concerts take place in the south Bascule Chamber of Tower Bridge in London: a huge underground brick-lined space beneath the Thames.

The Bascule Chambers are where Tower Bridge's huge counterweights swing down as the bridge above ascends. These giant chambers are built into the river itself, beneath the line of the Thames with the underside of the road forming the chambers' ceiling.

The concerts will take place as part of Totally Thames 2019 from Thursday 19 - Sunday 22 September.

These calls are being co-curated by composer/producer Iain Chambers and DJs/presenters/writers Rita Ray and Max Reinhardt, with Apartment House’s Anton Lukoszevieze for the composer call.

This year's concerts will feature music performed by the renowned contemporary music group Apartment House.

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