London Ear Festival of Contemporary Music Composers' Competition

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13 January 2018

Submissions are invited in two categories:

Pieces for ensemble (see below)

 Pieces for a solo instrument: flute or viola or piano 

The performers will be:Ensemble ö! (Switzerland)

Uroboros Ensemble (UK)

Neo String Quartet (Poland) 

Roberto Fabriciani: flute / alto flute 

Tomoko Akasaka: viola

Jonathan Powell: piano

Subject to the judges decision:

1st Prize for the overall best piece (from either category): £1000, publication by Verlag Neue Musik, recording released for dowload on Sargasso label

Two 2nd Prizes (one in each category): £400 each

Three 3rd Prizes (for the remaining three works): £200 each

Instrumentation details:

Ensemble pieces may be for any three or more of the instruments in one of the mixed ensembles:

Ensemble ö!: flute/pioccolo/alto flute; clarinet (Bb)/bass clarinet; violin; viola, ‘cello; piano.

Uroboros Ensemble: flute/piccolo/alto flute, clarinet (Bb)/bass clarinet; oboe/cor anglais; harp; violin; ‘cello; piano; percussion (1 player): marimba and any small, common, hand-held percussion instruments (e.g. triangle, maracas, claves etc – if in doubt email for clarification).

Neo Quartet: only pieces for the full quartet (vn1, vn2, va, vc) may be submitted.

Works for piano (solo or ensemble) should not be for ‘prepared’ piano. However, pieces requiring touching the strings, or using a plectrum, e-bow, etc are acceptable.

Submitted works must not involve electronics.

The competition is in two stages:

Stage 1: The judges will select six pieces: one piece for each of the above ensembles or performers, to be included in their concerts at London Ear 2018. (See also condition 11 below)

Stage 2: After the final concert on March 25th the jury will decide upon and announce the order of the winning works.

The performances will be recorded, as the 1st prize winning work may be released as a download on the Sargasso label (subject to agreement by all parties: composer, performers, and Sargasso).

The names of the members of the jury will be announced in the autumn of 2017

Composers Competition Submission Form 2018

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