Listen to the Voice of Fire: Alchemy in Sound

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24 January 2018

Saturday March 10th 2018,National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

Deadline for submission is 24 January 2018.

Listen to the Voice of Fire is a symposium/concert for research in sonic arts though alchemy- it welcomes eclectic and disparate approaches, practice based researchers, artists, early career researchers and independent researchers.

The symposium is open to all and seeks compositional and theoretical approaches drawing on: Sound art, improvisation,noise, sound scape, field recordings, databending, drone, electroacoustic, no input mixing board , electronics including novel/hybrid/hacked instruments and /or new musical interfaces ,and live coding approaches etc et al.

Papers or sound art which responds to any of the indicative themes below are particularly welcome:

·         Sound art responses to the works of Thomas Vaughan (1622-1666)

·         Alchemy composition and visual scores, historical and new approaches

·         Sonification of alchemy and or its alchemical emblems

·         Error, alchemy and generative aesthetics

·         Alchemical composition and cybernetics

·         Alchemy sound art and psycheogreography

·         Sonic alchemy and mysticism-the phenomenology of revelation

·         Alchemical narratives and compositional approaches

·         Alchemy and the aesthetics of immersion into noise/drone music

·         Alchemy, annihilation and sound art

Papers/pieces are to be presented in person with a registration fee of £25 providing access to symposium and evening concert.

Papers should be up to 20 minutes in length.

Music/sound art should not exceed 12 minutes in length.

Submissions should be e-mailed to Dr Dafydd Roberts, dir@aber.ac.uk, using SOUND in the subject field.

Deadline for submission is January 24th 2018.

Please include

1. Abstract/Programme Notes (500 words)

2. Link to work (stereo wav) via Soundcloud or Bandcamp

3. Biography (250 words)

Please note there are no fees or bursaries available to cover your costs of attendance.

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