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20 March 2018

It Sounds Devicive! Exhibition - Part of Fringe Arts Bath 2018 #fab18

With a focus on listening & interaction - Can we create new ways to engage the listener in a yet to be discovered audio realm? Can we form a dialogue between devices or machines & the sounds they make, within the space they inhabit?

We are surrounded by devices & machines that create sound all day, every day. These can be found in our household or work spaces. Some are quiet, others loud & others unheard. What are the devices or machines telling us? We often ignore them & the sounds they make. We can even be the ones making the sounds, using the devices or machines without realising.

‘It Sounds Devicive!’ has a fascination with the mechanics of sound & invites people who use devices or machines within their practice. Submissions can be sound devices, machines, sculptures, installations, objects, discoveries, analysis & much more. Performative pieces are also welcome although space maybe limited so the smaller in scale the better.

Let's let the devices or machines be heard! remember 'It Sounds Devicive!'

Curated by Lee Riley, submit via sounds@fringeartsbath.co.uk


It Sounds Devicive! Is part of FaB - Fringe Arts Bath 2018

More details about the festival can be found here: https://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk

Running 25th May until 10th June. 

It is free to submit proposals (unless otherwise stated). If you are selected there is a £20 admin charge per artist and we'll ask you to take part & contribute some of your time.

More details will follow if selected.

Please submit up to 500 words and accompanying images. 

Examples of your work - videos, sound recordings or any relevant links would be beneficial.

Please include in your proposal. 



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