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10 September 2017

It's not a performance - it's not a workshop - it's...an entanglement...Voice Transpiring Music Jenni Roditi – conductor, vocals, Sam Enthoven – theremin and electronicaAlain Man – keyboards and loopsAlistair Smith – gongs and singing bowls

JENNI RODITI Composer of four operas, plus chamber and choral work, prolific songwriter and voice work facilitator for 25 years. Currently directing two improvisation choirs TIC and TOC and just finished being a composer-teacher for a research project with adult non-singers at the Guildhall. Founder of Vocal Tai Chi.

SAM ENTHOVEN plays found sounds, analogue synths and a unique instrument from the dawn of electronic music – the theremin. Though relatively new to the exploratory music and sound art scene, he’s been performing frequently at venues all over London for over two years now.

ALAIN MAN – keyboard and loops,A multi instrumentalist, primarily piano/keyboards and vocals, he learned from a very young age. He has played with bands that have toured the UK and Europe. He composes, produces, does session work in most genres and collaborates on a number of projects with different artists. His passion lies with improvisation and he attempts to incorporate that free spirit in all his work. He currently performs with The Improvisers Choir led by Jenni Roditi and Apocalypse Jazz Unit led by Rick Jensen.

ALISTAIR SMITH – gongs and bowls, Completed his sound healing practitioner training in 2014 and graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2005 with first class honours, receiving the Barnard and Hails prize for music. He has since completed a Masters in composition at Goldsmiths studying under Roger Redgate. He teaches guitar and music theory in north London and has recently had the privilege of being blogger and essayist for Jenni Roditi's TIC-TOC choirs, the latter of which he is a member.

Jenni is creating a new musical space with adventurous musicians, all experienced improvisers.Instead of creating a straight-forward band Jenni will bring her considerable experience as a facilitator of others (Guildhall, Vocal Tai Chi) to entangle with her and her musicians, inviting a number of participants, probably one at a time, from the audience, to join them on stage. The idea behind this is to break with the audience/performer duality and seek new riches and contexts provided by each participant.

You do not have to be ‘a musician’ to have a ‘transpiration’ with the band. Jenni will draw out a direction in which she senses you will benefit from the experience. If you are a musician you will be in the space with others who are interested in engaging with you and any questions/ideas/notions you have about how music can work best, right now in this situation.

Jenni will use her skills as a vocalist, composer and facilitator to help uncover what you may be exploring, through a ‘support, challenge, reflect and release’ approach. This can be done without any prior preparation from the participant. You may be engaging with some material written by Jenni or you may devise an idea, or a felt-sense feeling, in the moment together.

This is a four hour session and will mix performance and workshop modalities in a new entangled and engaging format. There will be time for up to eight (hopefully) people to have an experience making music with the band. This will be directed by Jenni and may involve some dialogue about what might transpire before music making begins. The band are all experienced improvisers and enjoy being responsive.

The band will listen to the call from each participant. In between these individual engagements with members of the participating group, the band will perform, drawing on the material that has transpired in the space through the participants, and moving in their own directions too.The idea behind this is to break with the audience - performer mentality; the duality of us and them.The sessions are open to all, though not everyone will necessarily be involved directly in a transpiration. Upper limit will be 8 for transpiration, but more are welcome to come and witness and soak up the vibes.

The time will be divided as equally as possible between everyone participating. When you are in the hot seat with Jenni, others in the audience may become become a secondary accompaniment, or simply remain an actively responsive audience.

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