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1 October 2017

Having been established in 2013 by famous TV advert and video producer Luke Cairns, Hightower has gone on to emerge as one of the most successful and multifaceted production firms in the industry.Luke has tapped into the benefits of his 10-year experience as a producer to set up a company that perfectly balanced creativity with business dexterity.Hightower is proud to be a reliable partner for both Fortune 500 corporations and startups, and to have some of the best staff in the business.Hightower has handled several jobs with international brands like Tesco, Hitachi/Maxell, Santander and SanDisk.They have also prepared and executed excellent TV advert projects for national organisations which have run on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and many others.They have also undertaken project works with several government, academic and health agencies such as the governments of Hong Kong and the Netherlands, the NHS, University of Southern California, Abu Dhabi University, and NTU Singapore.Hightower is truly global, having produced content at institutions and organisations on every continent (apart from Antarctica!).They are most at home creating content for home improvement, consumer tech, government, education and finance.Hightower’s professional focus in four core areas of content production and marketing.Firstly, brand video, they love producing top quality content for many household names and always put in the wow factor.Secondly, web video, they have created tens of hundreds in the last 10 years. From explainer videos to promos and corporate, they work to ensure the client’s content is top notch and ahead of the pack.From explainer videos, to promos and corporate - they always make sure our client’s content sticks out from the noise online.After thus is their speciality in visual productions.Whether its CG animation or motion graphics, they only employ the most qualified people to produce films that stand out.The fourth and final part of their speciality skills is marketing produced content.The job doesn’t end at producing top quality film, there’s also the task of getting the target audience to watch it.They are well experienced dealing with media buying for TV adverts, which has helped their clients make the best possible return on investment.They are also widely experienced in web video content.YouTube seeding is the system of collecting digital contents from the number 2 search engine in the world.Blogger outreach helps them get videos uploaded by influencers in the specific websites and social networks online.Hightower’s offices are located in central London as well as the creative hub Brighton, and therefore can draw on the top creative experts in the UK to create exceptional TV commercials, brand and web film productions.

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