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8 December 2014 - Meet the selected partners for the 2015-2016 Touring Programme


Alison Blunt, 'Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose - Hommage a Gertrude Stein'

This work draws on the famous recipes and writings of Alice B. Toklas (The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook), literary material of writer Gertrude Stein and extracts from ‘Solo for Gertrude' by highly acclaimed Austrian composer Elisabeth Harnik, reworked by the quartet ensemble - Gina Mattiello (voice), Elisabeth Harnik (piano) Heidi Richter (masterchef) and Alison Blunt (violin). Amplified sounds produced by the live cooking during performance are an integral part of the work and the resulting dishes are shared with the audience post-performance. Performances of ‘Rose…’ will take place in rural and urban realms of literature and music.


ACM + Joe Snape

Fleck is an experiment in new musical storytelling; a tour that crosses lines of genre, medium and practice in search of unexpected connections and new forms. Created collaboratively between Another Contemporary Music ensemble and Joe Snape, a core of five musicians will tour venues through five English cities: Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham and London. Centred around a new large-scale work by Joe Snape for small ensemble, electronics and live touch-typist, each show also features new works by Michael Cutting and Vitalija Glovackyte and commissions from local guest musicians, making every performance a unique and collaborative event.


Ensemble INTERFACE, based in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), is an international collective of musicians committed to contemporary music and its various manifestations. Founded in 2009, the ensemble belongs to a young, energetic new generation of contemporary music groups and is focused on collaborating with composers of its own generation.

As a ‘Pierrot-plus’ sextet, we have taken on the challenge of a wide-ranging repertoire, all the while offering new perspectives on this classical set-up. We believe that risk-taking and experimentation are crucial to the artistic process, and we interface this framework with everything we devote to, with new and existing works as well as with our interactions with artistic partners and audiences.

In autumn 2015 INTERFACE is heading to the United Kingdom for a touring project, consisting of workshop and concert activities. Workshop activities will happen through collaborations with Universities and Music Institutes, including rehearsing and performing works by composition students. We plan as well open formats for the audience to deepen interest and enthusiasm towards this special repertoire.

Featuring new pieces by Patricia Alessandrini, Pedro Alvarez, Martin Iddon and Mauricio Pauly, INTERFACE aims to establish fruitful long-term collaborations with UK contemporary music scene, with the overall purpose of encouraging exchange and mutual inspiration between the young generation of composers, ensemble and audience.


Hugs Bison, 'B-Side The Seaside'

Candy floss, penny arcades, donkey rides, fairgrounds, Punch and Judy- all part of the quintessential British Summer. Memories of a favourite resort, family picnics, romantic walks on the prom, watching a late sunset- all fading, receding into a distant past. B-side The Seaside is a series of immersive audio-visual performances by Hugs Bison taking place and rooted in the memories of some of our best-known seaside resorts.

Each performance is an unique,improvised performance composed of sound, music, light and film. paying tribute to each location they visit. Using crowd sourced and archive audio recordings and film as a starting point, new film and sound captured along the way will change and personalise the performance in each town. Along with Hugs Bison’s own brand of touch screen improvisation, they will create a unique visual experience using multiple projections and lighting rig, using physical gestures and gaming devices to create soundscapes and imagery to engage with the audience.


Rhodri Davies, 'Sonorous Matter'

Common Objects has five core members, who represent some of the leading musicians from the experimental, sound art and improvised music fields. The ensemble also draws on additional members for specific projects. Their most recent commission was to perform a new graphic score by Rhodri Davies, called Cup and Ring, at the AV Festival 2014 (CD forthcoming on Another Timbre). The ensemble has also played at the LMC Festival, Freedom of the City and Sounds New Festival and recently released a CD Live in Morden Tower on the Mikroton Label.


Elaine Mitchener, 'Industrialising Intimacy'

A vocalist noted for her unique mixture of styles ranging from contemporary classical, gospel, jazz, and free-improvisation. Musicians and artists she has collaborated and performed with include Irvine Arditti, Steve Beresford, Brodsky Quartet, John Butcher, Dam van Huynh, Max Eastley, John Edwards, Luca Francesconi, Heiner Goebbels, Henry Grimes, George Lewis, Christian Marclay, Joanna McGregor, Phil Minton, Alasdair Roberts, David Toop, Matthew Wright, and Jason Yarde. Elaine has worked with producers Sound UK, Third Ear, Muziektheater Transparant and festivals hcmf//, Spitalfields Music, Sounds New, La Dynamo, Ars Musica, Operadagen, Weserburg MOMA, Hepworth (Wakefield). khm (Cologne).

A musical and physical exploration of the idea of intimacy in an age where access to technology through twitter, facebook etc does not necessarily equate better communication between people. Renowned composer/sound artist and improviser's George Lewis and David Toop will create two works with a nod to Berio's seminal work VISAGE. These pieces will mix and fuse text and sound to alter what has become a 'classical approach' to working with voice and electronics and will involve contemporary movement created in collaboration with choreographer Dam van Huynh.

Tusk, 'I Burn For You'

I Burn for You is an atmospheric new music theatre work inspired by Bram Stoker’slegendary vampire novel Dracula, created by composer Ian Wilson and stage director TomCreed.It brings together an astonishing line up of performers including the Hungarian death metalvocalist Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Sunn O))) and Void of Voices) – whose remarkable voice hasbeen described as operatic – in the vampyric role.He is joined by virtuosic vocal improvisers Phil Minton and Elaine Mitchener and acclaimedmusicians including saxophonist Cathal Roche, accordionist & wind player Clive Bell andelectro-acoustic improviser David Toop.Daniel Jewesbury’s video work provides the haunting visual landscape against which thenarrative unfolds – at once familiar and yet, in this inventive context, strangely new.

SoundCamp, 'soundCamp/REVEIL 2015'

SoundCamp is a non-profit artist-led organisation instigating innovative listening practices through the production of live networked performances, discussions, tours and participatory events bridging urban and rural places across the UK and the globe as well as promoting collaborations between UK and international artists.

SoundCamp is also an outdoors listening event in association with International Dawn Chorus Day. It is linked to REVEIL: a live 24 hour transmission of the sounds of daybreak, relayed by a network of audio streamers  around the  world. REVEIL starts near the Greenwich meridian and travels West with the rising sun, assembling live streams in a continuous global soundwork lasting one earth day.    

In 2015, we will support satellite camps in the UK and further afield, and commission new live sounds from places where human and non-human communities meet. Partners include Stave Hill Ecological Park in London, Resonance FM, Wave Farm / WGXC (Upstate New York), Locus Sonus (Aix / Bourges) and other local FM and netradio stations.


29 July 2014 - Call for Touring proposals now open

The call for proposals to the 2015/16 touring programme are now closed. We will be announcing the selected partners later this year.

1 July 2014 - Call for Touring proposals now open

Sound and Music is seeking to develop a touring programme for 2015-2016 across England that reflects a breadth of scale and style. We are keen to create a balanced offer to audiences across the full range of new music practice.

See the breadth of tours we have already supported in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 as a result of two open calls.  

Sound and Music's involvement in touring will be as a partner, not simply a funder. We will work with partners to develop ideas, support audience development and help facilitate production, where necessary. We anticipate being able to support a minimum of three tours per financial year (depending on scale and budget) and we will be accepting applications for activity happening from April 2015 onwards.

Sound and Music are now accepting expressions of interest with a deadline of noon Tuesday 29 July 2014.

How to apply

For more information on applying to Sound and Music's Touring programme and for further guidance on your proposal, please have a look at our call document.

Submissions are accepted via our online application form (which includes an Equal Opportunities form) before noon Tuesday 29 July 2014. 

If you have any questions regarding Sound and Music's Touring programme or application process, please get in touch with us at  


Lauren Redhead's tips for applying to Sound and Music Touring Programme

Lauren Redhead organ

Lauren Redhead was part of Sound and Music's 2014-2015 Touring Programme, with Tour 'Organ and Electronics'.

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