time being - Harold Budd/The Necks (double bill tour)

The Necks (l), Harold Budd (r)
21-25 November 2011
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Produced by: 
Tusk Music and gogobetween

Sound and Music is delighted to present this historic double bill UK tour featuring two pioneers of mesmerising and phenomenal music.

Creating epic musical journeys through improvisation and the exploration of groove, texture and motif, these legendary artists have transformed the way we experience music and think about space and time. The time being tour brings together these leading exponents of instant composition to present their performances together, yet discretely.

Brian Eno is a pivotal figure linking both Harold Budd and The Necks over more than two decades – Harold Budd’s relationship with Eno spans back to seminal ambient albums of the late 1970s, with The Necks having collaborated with Eno more recently, as part of his Pure Scenius project (2010) at the Luminous Festival, Sydney and Brighton Festival.

Harold Budd is joined by improvising musician and bass player Werner Dafeldecker.

time being comprises of five UK dates featuring Harold Budd / The Necks, in Liverpool, Oxford, Exeter, Birmingham and Leeds.

*Please note that the Oxford date of this tour has SOLD OUT. Tickets are available at other dates in Southern England, at Exeter and Birmingham.

The performances will be accompanied by specially commissioned visuals by British artist Russell Mills, who has collaborated with musicians including Brian Eno,  the Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd.

Harold Budd and The Necks have long dreamt of the opportunity to present both of their performances on the same evening.

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Presented by Sound and Music.
Co-produced by gogobetween and Tusk Music.
In association with No Nation.



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