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Sound and Music Podcast Episode 5
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Sound and Music in partnership with Ben Eshmade

Have you ever wondered how a piece of new music is created?

Ever pondered the process? Ever debated how a composer makes a living today? Or how society influences music and sound?

What does new music sound like, and who are those that create it in the UK today?

Meet the diverse people behind the most compelling, innovative and breath-taking sound and music across the UK today.

We are Sound and Music and this is what we do.

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In episode two we explore the work of composer Tom Barnes and his collaboration with Sound and Music, ROLI and filmmaker Marco Alessi producing MIDWAY.

MIDWAY features improvisations on the ROLI Seaboard Rise by the residents of Midway House, an unassuming 76-flat council estate in Islington. Tom takes us on a journey, exploring the question of who can improvise, and interrogates the reasons for which we consider one musical voice to have more or less value than another.

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This episode of the podcast returns to our 2017 Composer-Curator series, reporting on queer sound in Birmingham, DIY sonic experiments in Huddersfield, and site-specific piano music in Brighton. We speak to Trevor Pitt about gender and sexuality in music, Ryoko Akama about improvisation, and Jacob-Thompson Bell about his carefully curated piano programme, ‘ONE’.

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Sound and Music Podcast: International Women’s Day

What does it mean to be a female composer in 2018? How do we balance the need to illuminate common barriers with the need to hear individual stories?

In this special episode of the podcast, we listen to a range of composers on their own terms: Nicola LeFanu describes her earliest musical discoveries and her experiences as an academic; Shama Rahman recalls recording icebergs in the Antarctic; Sarah Sayeed reflects on the contrasts between classical training and learning “on the job”; and Erika Fox narrates her extraordinary journey as a composer through half a century of social change.

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