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Originally published by Koenig Books, London, in partnership with Sound and Music. Andrey Smirnov's account of sound and electronic music in early 20th century Russia offers an engaging introduction to some of the key figures and their work, including Arseny Avraamov's open-air performance of 1922 featuring the Caspian flotilla, artillery guns, hydroplanes and all the town's factory sirens; Solomon Nikritin's Projection Theatre; Alexei Gastev, the polymath who coined the term 'bio-mechanics'; film maker Dziga Vertov, director of the Laboratory of Hearing and the Symphony of Noises; and Vladimir Popov, the pioneer of Noise and inventor of Sound Machines.

Shedding new light on better-known figures such as Leon Theremin, the publication also investigates the work of a number of pioneers of electronic sound such as Nikolai Voinov, Evgeny Sholpo and Boris Yankovsky. Sound in Z documents an extraordinary and largely forgotten chapter in the history of music and audio technology.

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