News: The Chagrin Award results - meet the artists!

Francis Chagrin Recipients
Francis Chagrin Recipients

Meet the latest recipients of the Francis Chagrin Award

The Francis Chagrin Award is for composers looking for that quick top-up to get them to the next step in creating new work. 

With three rounds per year, meet the latest artists who have benefitted from that extra bit of money to make their projects a reality.

Anthony Esland

Anthony is an award-winning composer for stage and screen. He has scored several films, TV shows and games in the last couple of years, recently collaborating with BAFTA-winning editor, Mark Towns, and recording artist, Ólafur Arnalds. Anthony is currently writing his first feature film score, Nice Mike, and composing tracks for several production libraries. Anthony is increasingly in demand as a concert composer. Ensembles such as the BBC Singers have performed his music and he has received bursaries from the BBC and PRS; he is currently an LSO Soundhub Associate and Bliss Trust Award holder. Performances of Anthony’s concert music in 2018 include several choral pieces, an organ suite, a work for two pianos and a song cycle. Anthony studied music at Cambridge University and conducting at the Guildhall School of Music; he recently graduated from the National Film and Television School with an MA in Composing for Film and TV.

#tonal #melodic #rhythmic #electronic #fusion


Anthony Esland said:

"I’m very grateful to Sound and Music for selecting me as a recipient of a Chagrin Award; any additional help or support is always very welcome and this top-up comes just at the right time! I intend to use the award to help fund the world premiere of a new piece of mine: a work for upper voices choir and harp based on a Norse poem from The Elder Edda, composed for Polaris Vocal Ensemble."


Anthony Esland


Chris Ruffoni

Chris Ruffoni is a music-maker based in rural West Yorkshire, performing and creating as a solo artist and with others. He takes an experimental approach which includes the development of solar powered instruments. His solo electronic output portrays his love of psychedelic, folk and electronic musics. Following substantial experience in art and mental health, Chris delivers workshops in mindful listening.

#experimental #electronic #soundart #pyschedelic


Chris Ruffoni said:

"I’m so grateful to have been selected for the Chagrin Award, the funding enables me to create new work which expands my practice. I will be using the money to buy materials to create solar powered musical instruments of my design. The instruments will be installed outside in various locations to create immersive sound environments."



Elise Plans

Inspired by her work for a digital health startup, Elise Plans is currently investigating Adaptive Music Generation, with a focus on applications in embedded and mobile devices, at Royal Holloway. In exploring media for standalone adaptive music, her work is interdisciplinary by nature, living in games, apps, and prototype therapeutic devices for health. By incorporating biometric data into her compositions, Elise hopes to better understand the use, and effectiveness of adaptive music for health applications. Elise previously completed a Masters in Electroacoustic Composition, and enjoyed a career in broadcasting, before embarking on her current research.

#adaptive #music #therapeutic #digital #health


Elise Plans said:

"I was very excited to receive this award as it will have such an impact on my working practice, and not only in a practical sense. Awards like this are vital for supporting composers through what can be a tough journey in realising creative works. I am grateful for the encouragement and value this brings to my music-making."

"This award will be used to purchase an iOS device on which to develop and test my adaptive compositions as apps. More importantly, I will use it to obtain vital feedback from listeners and users on what works best, and which aspects to improve, thereby learning and growing as a composer within the adaptive music genre."




Julie Aitken

Julie Aitken is a flautist and creative producer whose work explores the intersections of our social, cultural, and natural heritage.

#digital #soloflute #classical #folk


Julie Aitken said:

"I am thrilled to be receiving support from Sound and Music’s Francis Chagrin award and am excited at the new possibilities for my work that this support will enable."

"Support from Sound and Music’s Francis Chagrin Award will allow me to purchase music software to write, record, and perform a set of pieces for solo flute using loops and pedals. These pieces will take inspiration from lost songs and sounds across Scotland’s remote islands."



Leo Doulton

Leo Doulton is a director and writer, mainly working in opera and comedy. As a director, he has worked on operas, semi-staged concerts, and cinematically-filmed opera with his company,Virtually Opera. In 2015 At the Break of Dawn, which he co-wrote and co-directed
with Carlotta Ipsen, was nominated for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award. 

As a librettist, his operas include The Perfect Opera (2018), The Left Fang (2017), Still Magic, Still Tragic (2017), and The Hummingbird (2017), while his other writing has been performed in the U.K., Canada, the USA, and Germany.

#opera #comedy #cross-arts #international


Leo Doulton said:

“I’m delighted to be selected for the Francis Chagrin Award. I thought The Perfect Opera was such a daft idea that nobody would possibly want to support it, but Sound and Music have taken this chance, allowing me to make an experiment I’ve been planning for years.”

"I’m using the money to put on a performance of my opera The Perfect Opera - an opera that starts with a list of all the things people say an opera should have, and shoehorns them into one show."






Francis Chagrin was the founder of the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM). During his career he composed symphonies, songs, chamber music, and over 200 film scores. His music is collected in Sound and Music’s British Music Collection.

The Francis Chagrin Award is accepting applications!

Next deadline: 18th February 2019

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