International Women's Day 2019

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Today Sound and Music is launching a range of activities to mark International Women's Day 2019.

Over the past few years there has been a marked increase in visibility surrounding the ongoing  issues around  gender inequality and in particular programming in the Arts and Music sector. PRS Foundation's Keychange project has continued to gain momentum with more organisations showing a commitment to addressing these issues, and landmark initiatives such as Venus Blazing at Trinity Laban and Venus Unwrapped at Kings Place have been launched. 

However, although we have seen some change, for composers and music creators there is still much more work that needs to be done.

Recent research shows that just 17% of songwriters registered with PRS identified as women and since 2012 female record producers have been outnumbered 47 to 1. In classical music according to research by Bachtrack only 12.8% of contemporary works listed on their site last year were written by female composers.

At Sound and Music we are taking the opportunity this year to once again release our data and insights in to this year analyse how close we are to meeting the commitment we made in 2017 that "By March 2020 at least 50% of composers we work with will identify as women".

Chief Executive Susanna Eastburn MBE has written a special blog post exploring how far we've come since our initial pledge but what challenges still remain embedded across the sector for composers that identify as women.

Alongside our data, we will be profiling 31 composers from across musical genres both historical and contemporary,  that have and continue to enrich, challenge and
change our musical and sonic landscape - you can see them from the 8th March on the British Music Collection as part of #aComposeraDay or follow along on our Instagram or Twitter

We have also created and made available 6 free, bespoke lesson plans and resources on Minute of Listening, our primary school orientated site designed to bring creative listening to every classroom. Accompanying our International Women's Day collection of minutes featuring works by Delia Derbyshire and Errollyn Wallen among many, many others.

#aComposerADay on the British Music Collection

As ever we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the wonderful composers and musical creators who we are privileged with and whose work continues to inspire us daily.

Join us this year as we work to #BalanceforBetter

If you’d like to support Sound and Music’s work to champion new music and the work of all British composers and creators you can do so here.

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