Composer-Curator: Q&A with Lucy Cheesman

SONA's 'Unpeeled' series is one of the six projects supported as part of our Composer-Curator programme this year. Born out of regular Sheffield meet-ups of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network, SONA is a Sheffield-based group which fosters skills, creates space, generates networks, and forges collaboration to support women in learning and experimenting with sound and music practices.

Ahead of the first event on Friday 21 September, we catch up with co-founder Lucy Cheesman.


What is your project about - in a nutshell?

Supporting women in sound and music technology through community building and encouraging experimentation.

Where is your work being performed?

At DINA in Sheffield

How would you describe this area(for new music)?

There is an amazing and vibrant music scene in Sheffield, but there can sometimes be a lack of cohesion. We're hoping to make connections with lots of difference scenes as part of our project!

Your first event is with the composer and performer Ryoko Akama. How did you first encounter her work and what do you find exciting about it?

I first saw Ryoko performing at Access Space in Sheffield a few years ago.  Her performance begun with her setting up a number of glass bottles and hearing aids to create a drone, and then built up with lots of small, hand-made mechanical objects moving in different ways and making different sounds. 

I am blown away by the care Ryoko takes over each element of her performance, building up lots of different quiet details into a moving audio visual experience.

Ryoko's work excites me in it's rejection of loudness in favour of embracing small sounds and movements which draws the audience in to focus on really listening.

SONA's Unpeeled events are on 21 September, 13 October, 2 November, 30 November and 7 December. Find out more here.

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